Cutting-Edge Marketing Strategies that Fuel Leads

Marketing is a fine science, and devising a marketing strategy that produces optimal leads is challenging. The goal isn’t to simply gain visibility from advertisements, but to actively generate clicks. Here are some cutting-edge marketing ideas that will help you generate a greater number of leads from your advertisements.

1. Design advertisements around your customers. If you want to increase click rates, the advertisements need to be designed with your customers in mind. Use a marketing automation software to leverage your customer data and uncover the trends that are driving sales. Then you can build your marketing campaign around existing trends to ensure each ad is optimized to produce as many leads as possible.

2. Optimize your website. Increasing leads is of little value if the conversions don’t increase alongside it. Optimize your website to ensure it’s as efficient as possible at turning leads into conversions. You can utilize A/B split tests to identify which aspects of your website are ideal for driving conversions, so the site is laid out in a way that produces the most sales.

3. Use social promotions. Social media marketing is an important part of a marketing strategy, but social media stats show that many businesses are experiencing very low clicks from their ads. According to Forbes Magazine, studies have revealed that businesses can drive more leads from social media posts than from paid social media advertisements. By using your social media page to promote your products, contests, quizzes, and giveaways, you can increase engagement and conversions.

4. Utilize behavioral targeting. Behavioral targeting is the process of gathering data on consumers to identify their interests, spending habits, and shopping trends. This allows you to automate advertisements that are directed at people based on their specific behavior. Marketing automation can promote behavioral targeting, allowing you to make better use of your data, automatically track trends among customers, and tailor advertisements to the preferences of each customer.

5. Use visual media. Content marketing and email marketing are both necessary aspects of a marketing campaign. Yet, neither will drive leads by themselves. By incorporating videos, pictures, and infographics into all content and emails, you can create eye-catching advertisements that have a much higher likelihood of being clicked. Videos are particularly useful, as they can actively engage and educate your audience, helping to sell them on a particular product or service.

Marketing strategies

Videos can greatly improve the engagement of customers.

6. Gather endorsements. Endorsements have been shown to considerably increase leads and conversions. Anytime a well-known public figure, such as a celebrity, musician, or politician, uses your products, you can get them to endorse the product and integrate those endorsements into your advertisements. Even testimonials from satisfied customers can greatly fuel leads and provide you with a more competitive marketing strategy.

Marketing strategies are never perfect, and they constantly need to be updated and improved to ensure they’re catering to public interest. Marketing automation software allows you to improve your behavioral targeting and create advertisements that are designed with each customer in mind. In turn, you’ll create cutting-edge ad campaigns that fuel lead generation.

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