10 Amazing Instagram Ads (And Why They’re So Great)

Instagram is blowing up right now.

In early 2013, Instagram had about 100 million active users.

In the middle of 2014, Instagram had 200 million active users.

And in April 2017, Instagram has over 600 million active users.

Clearly, that’s a LOT of growth. However, many marketers still aren’t using Instagram. Why not?

There are two possible reasons:

  1. They don’t believe Instagram is a worthwhile place to advertise or post content.

We’re just going to assume that since you’re reading this post, you don’t fall into the first camp.

However, we’ll still give you a little snippet of why people in this first camp are wrong: 75% of Instagram users report having taken action (such as visiting a website or clicking on a CTA) after viewing content on Instagram.

  1. Marketers don’t believe that they can use Instagram effectively.

If you fall into this second camp, you’re going to get A TON of value from today’s post. We’re going to give you a “crash course” on the principles of effective Instagram ads, along with 10 examples of great Instagram ads to see these principles in action.

The Fundamental Principles of Instagram

Instagram is a fairly unique platform when compared to other social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and the like.

Why? Because:

  • Instagram is an extremely visually focused platform. On Instagram, 90% of your content’s effectiveness comes from choosing a good image in the first place.
  • Instagram is a platform designed for mobile. This affects how much copy you want to use and how “complex” you want your content to be.
  • Instagram doesn’t let you post direct links in posts unless you are paying for advertising.

These “traits” of Instagram lead to some fundamental principles that you need to know in order to use the platform well.


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